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There are many reasons why wood fence is extremely popular not only in Florida, but all across the U.S. Primarily, it is widely available across all 50 states and it is a renewable material that can be found in any number of different varieties all across the country, each suited to different types of uses, climates, and weather conditions. 

Installing wood fence around the perimeter of your home or business will not only give the property an attractive, natural-looking enclosure, but it will last a long time (with some maintenance), all without breaking the bank. While it certainly has its drawbacks in comparison to other materials, there is absolutely no doubt that wood also offers multiple benefits too. Below we will discuss those benefits in more detail. Call Plant City Fencing today for your free estimate!

Wood fence benefits

The benefits of wood fencing go far beyond aesthetics alone. Read on for more information.



Wood fencing comes in a number of different style choices. Whether you prefer a more elegant look such as Gothic or French Gothic boards, or a more rustic flat top or dog ear style, the versatility of wood gives you plenty of options. For example, post and rail fencing is an excellent option for horse enclosures, while picket fencing gives you that classic Americana look to finish off your garden in style. 


Beyond the available options that you'll find at any typical fence supplier, one of the biggest appealing factors of wood fence is just how simple it is to customize.  Aspects such as fence height, gate width, matching accessories, changeable panels, etc. can all help to produce a fence enclosure that is truly unique. And in addition to styles and sizes, etc., wood fence can be painted and stained in hundreds of different colors and tones, giving you the ultimate selection to choose from.  

Easy to Install

Like vinyl, wood fence is quick and quite simple to install. This benefits the home or business owner in that it causes minimal disruption so that you can get on with your life or business. Depending on the linear footage, and whether we need to remove old fencing first or just go straight ahead demarcating and installing a new fence around a given perimeter, many of our projects are completed within one day. 


By far one of the most appealing benefits of wood fencing is just how affordable it is to purchase and install.  Yes, they will need the occasional maintenance in terms of pressure washing, painting or staining, but if properly cared for once installed, a high quality wood fence from Plant City Fencing can last for decades. Call us today at (813) 819-7872 and we will be more than happy to give you a free estimate so you can see just how affordable this beautiful, natural material is!


Since wood fencing is natural and highly customizable, it can be designed in a variety of different ways so that it either stands out or blends perfectly into any setting.  This makes wood fencing an extremely popular choice in rural areas, cities or suburbs. And it's not just for homes; wood fencing is in high demand in commercial and industrial settings too, not least because of its affordability, reliability and overall simplicity. 

What types of wood do we use?

A number of different wood varieties are used for fencing and other outdoor projects, the selection of which can vary depending on different factors such as affordability, availability, durability and more.  Some of the most common materials used are below. For more information on our materials or to request a different variety, give us a call at (813) 819-7872.

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