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Here at Plant City Fencing​ we pride ourselves on being the leading vinyl fence installer in Plant City and around Central Florida. We understand it can be difficult when choosing a vinyl fence contractor that is reliable, honest and reasonably priced, but it's a challenge we strive to meet head-on every day.

Our vinyl fence products are among the best in the industry. They undergo strict strength testing and quality controls to ensure we are only delivering the very best products or customers. In comparison to other materials, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or 'vinyl' fencing offers numerous benefits (as described below), which make vinyl fencing by far one of our most popular products in the local area and across Central Florida.

Vinyl fence benefits

As mentioned, there are numerous benefits to installing vinyl fence at your home or business:​


Vinyl is a rot-proof, termite-proof, splinter proof and weather proof material that is  in fact up to five times stronger than wood. These factors alone make it massively in-demand product in a state like Florida, which is subject to some of the harshest weather in the US. 


Beyond its strength, vinyl is also extremely flexible, which makes it even more suitable for harsh weather environments. It is also safe for the construction of animal enclosures in areas such as farms, offering excellent resistance to biting and impacts. 

Low Maintenance

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of vinyl fence is that it requires practically zero maintenance once installed.  Beyond an annual pressure wash, there is virtually nothing that needs to be done by the home or business owner in terms of repairs, repainting, etc. It truly is a passive fence product.  

Ease/Speed of Installation

Another benefit of vinyl fence is that it enables us as the contractor to be in and out quickly, completing projects of up to 350-400 linear feet in a single day. This is a massive benefit since it means the home or business owner doesn't need to be on-site for numerous days at a time.  Plus, the cost savings are passed on to the customer.


Despite all of its numerous benefits, vinyl is actually one of the more affordable types of fencing on the market. And, when you factor that it needs practically zero maintenance, the long-term cost-to-own of vinyl fence is far lower than many of its alternatives. 


Vinyl fence comes in a variety of heights, with the most popular being 6'.  This offers excellent levels of privacy in comparison to other products on the market such as iron or aluminum which have spaced-out rungs, allowing for unwanted outside visibility. 


What is the first and most important thing a home or business owner typically looks for in a fence? They want it to look great! And our vinyl fencing does just that.

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