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Without doubt one of the main reasons chain link fencing is in such high demand among both home and business owners alike is its availability, versatility and affordability. Whether you are looking to enclose the garden of a single family home or condo building or erect an extensive perimeter around an entire park, this material is widely available, simple to install, and offers an excellent solution to your fencing needs on a variety of scales. 

And considering its added benefits such as visibility, flexibility, and availability and the variety of colors available, it's easy to see why chain link fencing has been one of the most popular choices when setting up a perimeter fence over the last few decades.  

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​Price is without doubt one of the main factors when it comes to choosing a fencing material, and chain link fence is one of the most competitive on the market. If you are highly budget-conscious yet want a safe, sturdy and durable solution, chain link fence may be perfect solution for you.  

Low Maintenance

Unlike wood fence, a properly installed chain link fence requires very little maintenance. And when used with galvanized, aluminized or vinyl coating, this material is also resistant to rust and will not get dirty. With maintenance limited to trimming any plans that may climb the links or the occasional pressure wash, chain links fencing is certainly a very low-maintenance option.  


A common misconception in regard to chain link fences is that they are all the same - yet this is far from the truth. Chain link fencing is available in a variety of heights, gauges, and in a range of colors, making it highly customizable for a variety of settings, landscapes and applications.  


One factor that is often overlooked when choosing a fence material is visibility. Unlike with other materials such as vinyl or wood, chain link fence offers virtually unhindered transparency in both directions, which combined with the strength and durability of the material itself when properly installed offers possibly the safest perimeter solution on the market. 

Ease of Installation

In comparison to other types of fencing material such as wrought iron or aluminum, chain link fencing can be extremely quick and straightforward to install. If you're looking to erect a perimeter around your home or business and are subject to time and budget constraints, chain link fence and maybe the best option for you.


Made from interlocking coated steel wire, chain link fencing is incredibly durable.  And when installed correctly, chain link fencing is far less susceptible to weather-related damage since the wind passes almost unobstructed through the openings, giving you a fencing solution that will absolutely stand the test of time. 

Easy to Repair

Another advantage of chain link fencing versus other materials is that it can be repaired easily. If a section is damaged by impacts such as from a car accident, or is vandalized, it can be cut out and replaced without too much difficulty. And, the new section will be largely unnoticeable since its color coating will perfectly match the rest of the fence. 


Perhaps the second most common factor when choosing chain link fence (after affordability) is the level of security it provides. Chain link fencing can be installed up to significant heights (as high as 20 feet), and additional deterrents can be added such as barbed wire to prevent intruders from scaling your perimeter.  There's no doubt that chain link fencing is one of the most secure fencing materials on the market.

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