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Welcome to Plant City Fencing

Plant City's Premier ​Fencing Contractor

Your one-stop shop for all your fencing needs. At Plant City Fencing we pride ourselves on making every effort to ensure our customers are as happy and satisfied as possible.

This focus on absolute customer satisfaction combined with our years of experience, highly skilled craftsmen, resources and market knowledge place us as the leading fencing contractor in Plant City, Lakeland and the Tampa area.

Our quality fence installations, custom fences, reasonable price and great customer service ensure we always deliver premium customer satisfaction.

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Wood Fence

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Chain Link Fence

Structurally sound and budget-friendly

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Pool Fence

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Excellent fence company that really came through for us, and at short notice. We would highly recommend Plant City Fencing!

Deric Johnson



We hired Plant City Fencing to erect a 450 LF vinyl fence around a development and they knocked it out of the park.

Kevin Elves



Couldn't be happier with Plant City Fencing. They put up a chain link fence around our bungalow and it's given us safety & looks good.

Ellen Winsford


Why Choose Plant City Fencing?

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Your Local Fence Company

There are a number of reasons why homeowners in the Plant City area and its surroundings look to a fence company such as Plant City Fencing repeatedly for their fence installation needs, and are constant source of referrals for us. Simply put, we know fence installations. We truly feel that we are one of the best fence contractors in central Florida. But to break it down, our most prominent qualities would be:

  • Integrity 

  • Reliability 

  • Selection

  • Communication

  • Affordability

  • Punctuality

  • Relatability

  • Commitment

  • Warranty

Vinyl fence installation in Plant City, FL

As a local fence company and specialists in the Central Florida fence installation industry, we believe it is important to offer our customers only the very best fence products at the best prices. However, beyond those values, as a leading fence company we also strive to offer our customers an excellent selection of products to choose from. 

​We are aware that every customer has different needs, and since we serve a variety of different sectors (from residential to commercial projects and industrial), it is imperative that we have the most appropriate and updated selection of fencing products available to ensure we leave each of our customers satisfied with the end result.


Visit Our Fences to check out the different types of fencing we offer.

Market-Leading Customer Service & Satisfaction

Naturally, the most essential part of our business is building and installing fence products, at which we are highly skilled and have a great many years of combined experience.

​However, our business isn't so successful just as fence contractors; we are a fence company that relies heavily on its personnel. Our fence company customer service team is not only highly trained in communication and interpersonal skills, but they're also just genuinely nice people who truly care about making sure our customers are rightfully satisfied with their investment.

That is what sets Plant City Fencing apart from any other competitor fence company. For a quality fence at an affordable price, we are hard to beat. From chain link and access control to cypress wood and aluminum fences, we offer one of the widest ranges of fence types available and the most excellent service on the market. Our residential and commercial customers know that with our quality fence installations we can satisfy all their fencing needs.

Quality fence projects start here; if you're looking for any new fence for your home or business, call us today!

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Customized fence installation

Beyond our standard selection of inventory products, which ranges from vinyl and aluminum fencing to cedar, cypress, metal rail, chain link and even pool fence, our highly skilled designers and craftsmen are able to design and manufacture custom back yard fencing products to suit even the most demand customer's needs.

​This is especially popular with our higher-end clients who are looking to for a beautiful job to set their home apart from the neighbors, as well as with our commercial and industrial customers who are looking for excellent work to satisfy very specific needs in terms of size, strength, design, durability, resistance to chemicals, rust, etc.

Pool fence

Can a homeowner install their own fence products? What could go wrong?

​A new homeowner may think they can put up a temporary fence around their yard while they save to install a permanent fence, but this could pose risks such as:

  • Unsafe installation practices (e.g. injury from falling off a ladder or out of a tree when using a non-professional fence company)

  • Temporary fencing is often low in height and easy for children or pets to crawl under or jump over. There are many reasons why a person would choose to have a temporary fence (from a professional fence company) that is not suited for children or pets. For example, if a family member is staying in the house temporarily (or even at all), they may have their pets with them. Temporary fencing could be used to keep these animals from wandering around the property and potentially harming themselves or others.

  • Fencing materials may erode over time. This can happen more quickly than homeowners realize, especially when putting up fencing with shorter lifespans such as chicken wire and non-locking wood gates. These can be installed by a professional fence company

When would I need to contact Plant City Fencing for my fence needs?

Plant City Fencing is there when you need us, whether you are a homeowner, business owner or both. When a new home is purchased, besides a fence company, there are multiple services that a homeowner may need to hire, such as a reputable paving contractor, pool maintenance, lawn care, tree care, etc. And in many cases, the property may not come with perimeter fencing. It is recommended that there be some sort of fence surround the entire property for safety, security, and privacy.

How to choose a professional fence contractor

For any homeowner, it is always best practice to contact a professional fence company who specializes in fence installation and repair services to ensure that the job gets done right the first time around. Plant City Fencing uses only high quality materials that are suitable and long-lasting. We work with homeowners and business owners to ensure the highest quality for all their fencing ​needs. Whether it's a chain link fence or a vinyl privacy screen, our values and quality as a proper fence company enable us to deliver the best results.

Fencing installation in Plant City, FL

Installation of fences in Plant City, FL, may vary depending on the fence you choose. Wood fences can be installed as a DIY project, but it is always recommended to use a professional to ensure the fence is installed correctly. Vinyl fences are also easy to install and do not require much maintenance but should also be installed by a professional. Chain link fences are the most difficult to install, so it is always best to hire a professional for this type of fence. No matter what type of fence you choose, Plant City Fencing can help you through the installation process.​

What if I own a business? Do you provide commercial fence installation?

When a business owner purchases a new commercial property, they may think that only a section of fence installation is required - such as for the yard where goods are stored or vehicles are parked. However, it is almost always necessary to have some sort of fence installation surrounding the entire perimeter of any commercial property. They need a new fence, and they need to find a fence company that will do an excellent job. Commercial projects require a top notch fence company - whether it's a vinyl fence or something else.

Perimeter fence installations not only keep unwanted people out, they also keep unwanted animals in (or out). Not only are there safety benefits associated with having a secure fencing system, but perimeter fences can also prevent theft and vandalism. 

A business owner should NEVER consider putting up temporary fencing around the property until they have contacted Plant City Fencing for an installation quote. We are not just any old fence company. Business owners need to take into account that installing a temporary fence often decreases the value of the property (and most likely will require additional expenses and effort to restore it back to its original condition). Our years of experience as a leading fence company position us among the top players in central Florida.

Black chain link fence

​How much  does it cost to build a fence, and what elements influence the price?

Installation prices for fences in Plant City, FL, vary depending on the fence you choose. Wood fences are typically the most expensive, while chain link fences are the cheapest. However, installation costs can also vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. The expected cost is around $25 per linear foot for a basic wood fence. You can expect to pay around $30 per linear foot for a vinyl fence. You can expect to pay around $15 per linear foot for a chain link fence. These prices are just estimates and may vary depending on the actual project.

If you are looking for a professional to install your fence, Plant City Fencing is a great option. We have over ten years of experience and can work with any budget. We also offer various financing options to make your project more affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Customer service fulfillment and satisfaction

​Plant City Fencing has been providing quality customer service and satisfaction for years. We offer a wide variety of fencing options, from wood to vinyl to chain link, so that you can find the perfect fence to fit your needs and budget. We also provide expert installation, so you can ensure your fence will be installed correctly and look great. Contact us today for a free estimate!​

We use the highest quality fence materials

Moreover, the materials used for temporary fencing are not guaranteed to hold up in extreme weather or climatic conditions such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires. These types of disasters could cause damage to any type of fence products set around the perimeter of commercial properties such as electrical wires, fencing and lights. Temporary fencing does not provide any protection or benefit to properties during these types of disasters.

The best way to avoid the cost of having to call a regular fence company to repair a property after a disaster is for business owners to contact Plant City Fencing as soon as possible, let us assess the situation and provide a quote on how much it would cost to install a complete fence system that will protect from all dangers. Business owners who put off contacting a fence company do so at their own risk. The same goes whether you're looking for roofing services, siding replacement, siding repair, pressure washing, or rockwool insulation. A quality fence company can have a significant impact on the security of your business.

For more information on our services or for a FREE quote, contact Plant City Fencing today at (813) 819-7872! There is no better fence company in Plant City.

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