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If you live in or are moving into a house with a pool and you have children, you will undoubtedly agree that safety is your number one priority when it comes to this fantastic leisure activity - which in Central Florida brings almost year-round enjoyment.

In fact, many parents see swimming pools as an enormous source of fear rather than one of pleasure, and would often prefer keep their children away from a house with a pool than allow them to go for fear of the risk of drowning. At Plant City Fencing we understand these fears and we work hard to bring the very best pool fence products to our customers.

We too are parents, and we too share the same concerns, and we want to know that our children are safe at all times in and around these wonderful play areas. But are there more benefits to pool fences than just safety?

Pool fence benefits


Without doubt the most important factor when installing a pool fence is the safety that it provides. If you live in a household with children, grandchildren, pets, or perhaps adults with disabilities, you want to be certain that they will be safe when enjoying your outdoor space, and you want a product that will be strong enough to guarantee you that peace of mind over the long term. 

​Reduces Potential Accidents and Drownings

A properly installed pool safety fence can drastically reduce the risk of accidents and drownings occurring in and around your swimming pool. According to the CDC, drowning is the second-highest cause of death among children under 14, and many of those accidents occur in household swimming pools. The CDC also reports that installing a properly-constructed pool fence can bring down this risk of drowning by 83%. Properly tensioned pool fences prevent kids from climbing over the fence or removing the posts from the ground, preventing unwanted access to the pool. 


How much is your child's life worth? Obviously that is a question anyone can answer: priceless. In that sense, cost should be irrelevant when it comes to installing a pool fence. However, thanks to their affordable construction materials and installation costs, an excellent pool safety barrier installed by Plant City Fencing can be more cost-effective than you think. What's more, adding a safety fence around your swimming pool can also add value to your home, particularly in suburban areas popular among families with children.  


Installing a pool safety fence is not exclusively done for safety purposes. Many pool fences come in a variety of options, including aluminum and metal rail, mesh, wood, vinyl and wrought iron.  This gives the home or business owner an unlimited number of options in terms of style, material and color, so you can find and install a pool fence that suits your specific needs .  

Ease of use 

Another benefit of pool fences is that they are extremely simple to use once installed. The most common mesh style is installed in a number of segments, each of which is inter-connected by a locking mechanism that is tamper-proof and entirely child safe (and often adult-safe too!). This gives parents an excellent option for keeping their children safe, while also knowing they can add and remove the segments as necessary; for example, if hosting a gathering with no children, the fence can be stored away safely and replaced once the event has finished.

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