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Plant City Fencing offers some of the most beautiful aluminum fence products on the market. Blessed with the strength of metal, aluminum fence is light and versatile and can be manufactured a number of stunning designs to add style and elegance in any setting.

If you have your heart set on wood or wrought iron, each of which has an undeniable beauty among other benefits, aluminum should always be considered as a more than worthy alternative as it possesses many of the same properties and can often be purchased at a lower price.

Vinyl fence benefits

As mentioned, aluminum can be an extremely effective alternative to wrought iron since it offers the following benefits: 


​​Besides offering excellent strength and long-term stability, aluminum is not chemically susceptible to corrosion so it will not rust. It is also resistant to rot and fading, so there is no risk of it being damaged over time by moisture or sunlight.  Aluminum is highly resistant to the Central Florida sun!


Aluminum fencing is highly versatile and can be adjusted to fit any landscape or garden setting.  Whether you're looking to install it on slope or on a flat surface, aluminum works excellently and will not leave unsightly gaps between joints - the transitions are seamless. Aluminum can also be custom-made to suit each customer's specific needs. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike wrought iron or wood, aluminum comes factory powder-coated so you will never have to repaint or re-stain it. This gives it an incredibly durable surface that will last for decades without any signs of wear. Compared to a wood fence, aluminum fencing is  extremely low maintenance.


Since aluminum fencing is often used for important purposes such as barriers or enclosures for keeping pets or children inside or out of a specific area (such as swimming pools), it is essential that they are safe. This is where aluminum excels as it is extremely secure once installed in the ground.


Aluminum fencing is available in a number of different styles and colors, making it a stunning addition to any landscape or garden setting. It offers all the aesthetic benefits of wrought iron, but at a fraction of the price and without the involved maintenance and rust issues. It's hard to beat the elegant look of a beautiful aluminum fence!


​While there are certain types of wood fence that may seem cheaper, when compared to wrought iron and steel, aluminum fencing is certainly on the more affordable side, it's less costly to manufacture and it's typically more widely available. Also, when you factor in its extremely low maintenance costs compared to wood, the cost-to-own over the long term is actually lower. Aluminum fencing represents an excellent investment in your property. Call Plant City Fencing at (813) 819-7872 today for your free estimate!

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Black aluminum fence

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